or how to stay zen

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Année :2009
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About the book
Within us all, there is an ongoing battle between positive and negative energies and this has a direct effect on our daily lives. For many, the clash of negative emotions manifests itself externally through conflict and breeds anger, sadness and pain.

By reading The Art of Conflict, you can learn how to recognise, address and eventually suppress the vicious cycles of negativity by understanding that the first step to make is peace with yourself.

Through the practise of meditation and negotiation detailed in this book, you can overcome the negativity of conflict and become a happier and more peaceful person, which can have a direct result on the people around you and can reshape your life. If you're ready to change and willing to learn, then you, too, can reap the benefits of happiness.

About the author

Brigitte Kehrer studied comparative literature, linguistics and philosophy and became a professional journalist specializing in conflict transformation. After working for the United Nations and the International Red Cross, where she was posted in numerous conflict zones across Africa and Asia, she studied law and mediation in the UK and the US. She now lives in Geneva and as an independent consultant she aids international peace-building projects in post-conflict countries.

Brigitte Kehrer, international reconciliation expert with many years' experience with the ICRC and in the UN, in Africa and Asia and around the world, will be in the bookshop to launch her new book "Art of conflict: Or how to stay Zen". The book is an accessible, practical manual that will help anyone find a positive approach to conflict, whether in their personal or professional lives.

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